IoT Solutions

  •  IoT proficiency and diverse tech stack
  •  Solutions for device connectivity and sensors
  •  Smart solutions and embedded systems

Our IoT solutions control quality and consistency of production, track assets in warehouses, monitor crops’ health on the farms, and much more. We have experience in IoT-friendly programming languages like C/C++,Java,Go,

Parasail, Python, Assembly, B#, JavaScript. Immunics engineers have experience in prime platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, etc.


Big Data Applications

We carry out the following

  •  Complete Tech Stack for Big Data
  •  Data Science and Machine Learning Algorithms
  •  Cloud Native Applications

Our software development professionals have extensive experience with many open source big data technologies. We work with Apache Spark and Hadoop big data frameworks, as well as with the key components of the Hadoop ecosystem such as Hive, Flume, Pig, Impala, Oozie, and more. Immunics big data professionals also provide integration with NoSQL databases that deal with dynamic data of any size.